Smart Pool Steady Earning Plan: One Loss for TEN Compensation, Mining Free ALL Year

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Since the Smart Pool launched on February 5th, the average daily revenue of users has been increased by more than 4%, the daily revenue has been positive for 17 days, with a positive rate of return as high as 85%.

From now on, the Smart Pool will fully open the user income guarantee plan to ensure that your earning during the event is not less than the earning (PPS +) of mining BTC in the Main Pool, which will ensure that you could make a steady profit before the halving season comes!

Event Details

Event time:  March 5th, 2020- April 5th, 2020


User should mine in SmartPool for 32days during the event. If the total revenue (converted into BTC) of the Smart Pool user during the event is less than the PPS + income of BTC mined in the Main Pool under the same Hashrate and Fee standard, the Smart Pool user will receive the following two compensation gifts:

The following package benefits will be statistically settled at the end of the event on April 6th, 2020:

Gift 1

10 times compensation of income difference amount

For example:

Assuming that one user has 100Ph/s, under the same amount of hashrate and mining fee standard:

Mining BTC in the Main Pool, the theoretical total PPS+ earning is : 50 BTC

The actual total earnings of the Smart Pool SHA256 during the event is: 49.5 BTC

Then the Smart Pool will compensate the user: (50-49.5) x 10 = 5 BTC


Gift 2

As of December 31, 2020: 0 Fee for mining BTC in the Main Pool


1. Only AntPool new users are eligible for this event;

2. During the event, users must submithashrate in the Smart Pool daily;

3. Only users who meet the requirements of the event rules are eligible for compensation package benefits

4. Revenue will be calculated at the currency price at the daily settlement time 1:00 (UTC time) 

5. Compensation will be processed within two weeks after the event.

6. FOLLOW @AntPoolGruppe (Telegram) or

for more event details.


AntPool reserves all rights for final explanation regarding the terms of this event.