Dero Mining Instruction

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About DERO

 DERO coin uses CryptoNight algorithm, the same algorithm as ETN and XMC. DERO uses a series of advanced anonymous technologies, such as DAG block structure, CryptoNote framework, Bulletproofs NIZK and Ring signatures, to make transactions and smart contracts anonymous, prevent 51% attacks, and become the world's fastest anonymous blockchain project. 

DERO official website:

DERO block explorer:

AntPool DERO mining address: stratum+tcp://

Mining equipment: Cryptonight algorithm ASIC miner. For example: AntMiner X3, INNOSILICON A8/A8+, Baikal MinerN/N+ etc.

Obtain Wallet Address

1.    Official wallet:

2. Exchange: 





(References are provided for informational purposes only. The selection of wallet and exchange is at your own risk and discretion) 

Mining configuration

1)At present, AntMiner X3 supports mining DERO, the hashrate is about 220KH/, how to set up a X3 miner please refer to: 

2)  connect with AntPool and Set mining parameters

After obtaining miner IP, input the IP in the computer browser. After logging into the miner management backstage, click on Miner Configuration-General Settings page to modify the mining parameters.

Parameter Descriptions:

URL: stratum+tcp://

Worker: Fill in as "DERO Wallet Address.Worker Number" (Fill in the DERO wallet address, not the AntPool sub-account. Separate the DERO wallet address and worker number with a dot "." Worker number could be 001,02 etc.)

Password: No need to modify (default password is 123 or x)

0015d512efa03d332dc6a05d410a3b3 3)  After the configuration is completed, click “Save&Apply” to start mining. You could check your earnings and hash rate in AntPool after about 10 minutes.

Check Hash rate and Earnings

Visit AntPool official website and click top right on the search button, enter your wallet address in the search bar and click “Search”, you can then view your hash rate and earnings: 


Note:Please make sure to use a valid wallet address for mining. AntPool will not be responsible for any loss of earnings caused by wrong wallet configuration.

Should you have any question during mining, please contact our customer service center: