ETH Mining Instruction

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Taking E3 as an example, we will introduce the operation process of mining ETH with our AntMiner.

1.   AntPool account registration and configuration

For details, please refer to "FAQ——Account Registration"

2.    Apply for ETH wallet

You need to apply for wallet address of the corresponding coin. The ETH Wallet address is a string of characters, for example: 0x54b2a793dea260599ea867d5dcc103d696f93157 

AntPool cannot identify coin type of the wallet. If wrong address is filled, payment will be lost and cannot be retrieved.

(more information regarding ETH wallet, please refer to: ETH wallet set up)

3.   Install the miner, connect miner with network cable and turn on the power (the voltage needs to be around 210v-230v; 1M bandwidth can carry about 200 miners; the local network should be stable)

4.   Find miner IP

1)    To download miner IP reporter software please click on link:

2)    Go to “IP-reporter” to download. Requirement: Miner must be connected with network cable and powered on; your computer and your miner need to be in the same IP range (For example: miner IP is; computer IP is; then they are in same IP range). Detailed information please refer to the manual:            0015cf0a7445de5e3903808adbef298


5.   Set static IP for miner

1)    If you own more than three miners, we would like to recommend that you set static IP for your miners to better manage them.

2)    static IP setting manual please refer to below link:

6.   Batch configure miners’ IP

To batch configure and manage your miners, you could download “APMinerTool V1.0.8” from this link:


7.   log in miner backstage

1)    After you find miner IP using IP reporter tool, open the browser on your computer (recommended browser is Google or Firefox, and computer needs to be in the same IP range), enter the found IP into address bar of browser, and proceed to login using rootfor both the username and password:

0015ce2631dda2fcdaaef56373cc5782)Miner backstage after login:


8.   Connect to AntPool and set up workers

1)    ETH stratum server address: (can be found in right bottom corner of AntPool webpage)




There are two modes to mine ETH in AntPool:mining with sub-account or anonymous mining with wallet address. Different mining mode leads to different miner configuration and different ways of checking hash rate, payment and earning history.

l  Mining with sub-account: how to do miner configuration, how to check hash rate, payment and earning history 

1)    Miner Configuration, mode 1:



URL: fill in the ETH server address of AntPool:

Worker: Taken your sub account name as “awb” for example, worker could be configured as “awb.1” (the second miner could be configured as “awb.2” and so on)

Password: set as default (recommended to make no modification)  

Click Save & Apply to save the settings. 

2)Miner Configuration, mode 2:


URL: fill in the ETH server address of AntPool

User: fill in 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (a total of 42 bits, this string of numbers must be filled in, otherwise miner cannot be recognized by pool)

Password:fill in your sub-account name, for example “antminer”; or fill in your worker name, for example “antminer.1”

Click Save & Apply to save the settings.


When mining with sub account, you could login AntPool webpage to check your hash rate, earnings and payment history under your sub account “Dashboard”.


l  Anonymous mining with wallet address: how to do miner configuration, how to check hash rate, payment and earning history.

1)    Miner Configuration: 



URL: fill in the ETH server address of AntPool

User: fill in your ETH wallet address

Password: set as default (recommended to make no modification) 

Click Save & Apply to save the settings.

When mining anonymously with wallet address, your hash rate and earnings could only be checked through ETH access:

ETH access: address

For example:

The interface looks like: 0015cf0a8e695fd7e1544c2632e7862

Note:Please make sure to use a valid wallet address for mining. AntPool will not be responsible for any loss of earnings caused by wrong wallet configuration.

9.   Congratulations! The miner configuration is now completed. Let’s start mining!